Astra Protocol 2

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Monitors have received notification of an unknown event, referred to as ASTRA PROTOCOL.

You have been designated search and reconnaissance to determine the meaning of this ASTRA PROTOCOL.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Find evidence of survivors.


Astra Protocol 2 is a cassette futurism inspired space adventure where you must command a powerful space-faring craft on a search and rescue mission to uncover the mystery of the Astra Protocol.

Using text commands and a 1980s themed interface alongside an operations manual, players must control their space ship to navigate different celestial bodies and asteroids whilst avoiding hostile space craft to find any evidence of survivors.

  • PILOT the spaceship through use of the HELM module, setting engine and rudder levels, or harnessing the power of the intelligent bearing settings.
  • MONITOR the status of the spaceship through the ENGINEERING module and its highly detailed readouts.
  • SCAN planets and spacecraft, SEARCH for hostiles, DETECT distress beacons, and PROBE bodies of interest using the SCIENCE module and its multiple instruments.
  • DEFEND yourself using the ORDNANCE module, via homing torpedoes, mines, multi-functional lasers, and tweakable shields.
  • NAVIGATE through the hostile sectors of space using the NAVIGATION module, and its semi-intelligent autopilot and pathfinding systems.

You will need to utilise all of these modules to your advantage to have any hope of unravelling the meaning of the Astra Protocol.

Astra Protocol 2 is now available:


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