Astra Protocol 2

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Monitors have received notification of an unknown event, referred to as ASTRA PROTOCOL.

You have been designated search and reconnaissance to determine the meaning of this ASTRA PROTOCOL.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Find evidence of survivors.


Astra Protocol 2 is a cassette futurism inspired space adventure where you must command a powerful space-faring craft on a search and rescue mission to uncover the mystery of the Astra Protocol.

Using text commands and a 1980s themed interface alongside an operations manual, players must control their space ship to navigate different celestial bodies and asteroids whilst avoiding hostile space craft to find any evidence of survivors.

  • PILOT the spaceship through use of the HELM module, setting engine and rudder levels, or harnessing the power of the intelligent bearing settings.
  • MONITOR the status of the spaceship through the ENGINEERING module and its highly detailed readouts.
  • SCAN planets and spacecraft, SEARCH for hostiles, DETECT distress beacons, and PROBE bodies of interest using the SCIENCE module and its multiple instruments.
  • DEFEND yourself using the ORDNANCE module, via homing torpedoes, mines, multi-functional lasers, and tweakable shields.
  • NAVIGATE through the hostile sectors of space using the NAVIGATION module, and its semi-intelligent autopilot and pathfinding systems.

You will need to utilise all of these modules to your advantage to have any hope of unravelling the meaning of the Astra Protocol.

Astra Protocol 2 is now available:


What Others Are Saying About Astra Protocol 2

Indie Game Picks

“All in all, Astra Protocol 2 is a blast from the past game, definitely not for everyone. But it has enough charm and mystery that it makes it worth trying out and can definitely create a fan-base in its own niche.”

CSH Picone

“An exceptionally thorough 80s-style ship simulator. Control is managed through several screens and text commands. Interesting gameplay, heavily layered. Very steep learning curve, read the manual!”

(Translated from Italian)

“Ours is a mission in the company of the computer, which as a companion becomes a narrative voice and sometimes an annoying reminder of everything that is wrong, especially when it begins to list the damage caused following a failed maneuver. The art style is captured with patience and we are sure that more than one player who loves the genre (even if only on an aesthetic level) will recognize its origins. Astra Protocol 2 is indeed a title that is not suitable for everyone, but certainly not because of the steep learning curve. Indeed, we would need many more titles like this. The type of gameplay, the hybrid nature, the graphic style and the control system make it a product suitable for a narrow niche, but one that will be able to savor its merits which will already increase with the arrival of the next updates.”

 “I appreciate what Slice Bar Games is trying to achieve, and they actually did it very well. It will speak to people with an engineering mind. The ones who take the washing machine apart, instead of calling a repair service. The people who love technical manuals and read them, instead of going in head first.”

Steam Community

“What an absolute gem of a game, the aesthetic of “Early computers put to use in serious situations” is totally nailed here and after playing for two hours so far I have barely scratched the surface and I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth in more.
You really do feel like someone operating a huge complex computer in control of a spaceship!”

“Honestly for being as simple as it is, it’s actually a lot of fun! It’s not easy either! Reminds me of the 90s Sci-Fi movies & shows I grew up with. Looking forward to where the Developers take this. Well Done Devs, Well Done Indeed!”

“This will not play like a traditional space game. Or a traditional game of any modern kind, really. The game does not care about you. It has no interest in your comfort. There is no tutorial, no introduction, no manual to the game (the manual is your command set for the ship). And all of that is intentional and by design and it makes for an EXPERIENCE. One that I wholeheartedly recommend.”

“Yesss…this is exactly what I want! Perfect concept! This is art!”

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